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Sam Ferrara - Jan 23 Photoshoot - Finals-12_edited.png

About Sam Ferrara

As the kid who has always had the drive and passion for music, from listening to NPR to singing many solos in the school choir, Sam Ferrara has made music a significant part of her life. Beginning with her voice and piano, she quickly realized she had a knack for instruments and quickly learned the clarinet, alto saxophone, and her favorite, bass clarinet, to name a few. Finding her stride in high school and college, these pieces of her story helped develop her into the musician she is today. Graduating with a degree from Hofstra University in Music Education, Sam became a Middle School band teacher, passing on her passion of music to others for the last 10 years. While teaching in the classroom, Sam also pursued her love of storytelling through songwriting, eventually moving her to Nashville in 2017. Influenced by the musicianship and lyrical genius of Hunter Hayes, Sam continued to push herself deeper into her own original compositions and made the leap to being a full time artist this year.


Ferrara’s passion is all about impacting and inspiring others. During a low point in her life, a stranger told Ferrara to “go and take her life back” and that was just the boost she needed to go after her dreams. Ferrara has hit the ground running with releasing her songs such as “Whiskey Memory” and “Get Out of My Town (featuring Amanda McCarthy)” in 2022. The sassy, powerful and driving lyrics of those songs encourage her audience to be not only open with how they feel, but to also stand up for themselves. She also hopes that her stories will help her audience to understand her personal journey too.


Looking to stand out in the industry, Sam has been experimenting with incorporating woodwind instruments into her music as part of a movement in modernizing country music and pushing her music to the next level. Sam’s sound is rooted in Country music with a blend of all different musical influences such as Jazz, rock, acoustic and more. 


Some memorable performance highlights for Ferrara have been performing at venues such as Madison Square Garden, Barclay Center, off broadway at Symphony Space, The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts in Houston, TX and traveled to Europe to perform shows in 2010 and 2012.

Sam has performed at legendary venues such as The Cutting Room in New York City, The Bluebird Cafe and The Listening Room in Nashville, TN. She has opened for artists such as Kalie Shorr, Honey Country and Lauren Davidson and looks forward to growing that list.


Her debut album “Piece of Me” out July 28th is a culmination of the pieces of her journey in the last 8 years. Ferrara feels that with Piece of Me, this will be the moment where she can finally be seen for who she truly is. This is only the beginning of what is to come for Sam’s story and the best is yet to come.

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